Audi Las Vegas quattro Cup Competition

Audi quattro Cup 2017
Golf Tournament in Las Vegas

Audi Las Vegas is very excited to have been one of 110 Audi dealerships in the United States hosting a local competition this year, in what is now one of the largest amateur golf tournaments in the world. 

Now in its 27th year, Audi quattro Cup is an established tradition where Audi's spirit of innovation, sporty sophistication of the four rings and the thrill of competition converge on the golf course. 

The winning team in the tournament advanced to the U.S. Final at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, where they had an opportunity to compete against other United States finalists for a spot at the World Final in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The tournament was held at the Spanish Trail Country Club in Las Vegas on May 16th.

at Spanish Trail Country Club

Jim Kleiss
Michael Fennell
Tad Dillard
Chris Winspear
Darren Sivertsen
Laurence Sadoff
Carlos Lee
Michael Prieto
Jason Schantl
Thomas Velarde
Ron Johnson
Ron Cosse
Rafael Salines-Catala
Julian Serrano
Dane Humble
Darren Luke
Jon Lootens
Mark Hackmann
Rich Western
Chad Robinson
Robert Reinders
Edmen Teming

Kyle Koegle
Michael Strader
Kipp Lewis
James Bazuik
Steve Laman
Rich Cisan
Erin Ohayer
Matthew Minichino
Aaron Banks
Mo Owens
Orville Jennings
Shaun Ramirez
Christopher Hall
Severn Bizzaro
Andy De La Cruz
David Blomquist
Mike McNulty
Bob McMaster
Kievan Zohner
Justin Albrecht
Brad Margison
Daniel Shewman
Dean White

Mary Pro
Darin Hegney
Scott McCune
Philip Crapo
Aaron Hendricksen
Paul Bianco
David Klein
Scott Peterson
Ralph Graves
John Mason
Graeme Pirie
Shannon Yelland
Al Meranto
Steve Sirianni
Mark Jarvis
Joe Liu
Wendy Liu
Sean Collins
Tim Kocher
Noppadol Pisitaro
Johnny Meat
Mark Keller
Jeremy Keller