Audi RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept Hits the Track

When you think of a race, you usually picture there being more than one competitor, and in a sense there is, but the race shown in the video below only has one human competitor—the other racer is an Audi RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept, a driverless vehicle vying for supremacy on the racetrack. Actually, the car is named “Robby.” Watch human driver Johnny take on the computerized “Robby” on a course in Spain. In the interest of not spoiling a good race, we won’t tell you who wins, but check the video below for the outcome!

We won’t totally spill the beans on the outcome of the time trial, but we will say that we breathed a collective sigh of relief at the end. Hint hint. Come on into Audi Las Vegas if you’d like to be the human inside your own Audi RS 7 production model. While you can’t race against any robots, you can enjoy the luxury ride and incredible performance of this elegant machine. If you’re looking for something a little different, we also have a great offering of new Audi models to make your selection process even more difficult. Not to fear, though, because someone from our sales team would be glad to help you navigate it.

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