Enjoy an Intuitive Ride with the Use of Audi Drive

Audi is a leader in the automotive industry, and for good reason. Their engineers work hard to devise new ways for the driver to connect more naturally with the road. Putting their best innovations forth, they have successfully crafted a lineup of new Audi vehicles that offer a revolutionary performance. New technologies like Audi Drive are at the forefront of this improvement and deserve a spotlight.

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Audi Drive is a fine-tuned device that creates a semblance of synergy between the driver and the road. Communicating with internal mechanics like the engine and the transmission, this technology modulates the way your vehicle performs depending on the mode you select. The three driving modes include: comfort, auto, and dynamic. As you will see once you test each option, they all offer a different feel ranging from a more relaxed to a sportier style. Choose whatever best suits your tastes, and Audi Drive will quickly respond, providing you a more intuitive experience.

Want to see what it feels like to drive a new Audi equipped with this technology? Then come and take a test drive in one of our models over at Audi Las Vegas! One ride with the Audi Drive as your companion is all it takes to turn you into a fan.

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