The regular Audi SQ5 is a great automobile that has useful features. However, the S Sport package may be a better option for some consumers because its updated options take the SQ5 to the next level. If you care about suspension, handling, and speed, the S Sport package's extra features will suit your needs.

One of the most practical upgrades that's included with the S Sport Package is the adaptive air suspension system. On long, straight roads, the sport-tuned suspension hardware effectively changes the damping. It also strategically adjusts the ride height to enhance stability and prevent shock.

If you get the S Sport Package, the SQ5 will get key mechanical upgrades as well, such as advanced rear differential hardware and sporty brake calipers. To check out these features, you may want to take a test drive. Audi Las Vegas has a dedicated staff, great Audi trims, and convenient test drive opportunities. We breakdown key performance features to make test drives educational.


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