The Audi S4 has solid performance features that make trips on rough roads more convenient. Typically, when you need instant results, you can change the S4's drive mode to help its engine perform better on rugged terrains. However, while a certain drive mode is activated, some obstacles could make the Audi S4 hop in the air. During these situations, the S4 still provides a comfortable ride because it's equipped with an adaptive sport suspension system.

Adaptive hardware always makes adjustments based on the conditions in an environment. This means that the S4's suspension system changes its damping characteristics to enhance cornering on narrow roads and comfort on bumpy terrain. You can take advantage of the suspension system while driving the S4 fast since its damping hardware is sports-tuned.

Many Audi S4 automobiles are available for a test drive at Audi Las Vegas. We arrange convenient cruises so that consumers can test the S4's performance features on roads by our dealership in Las Vegas.



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