Audi is betting on the A5's design to warm over the hearts of potential customers as we have pulled out all the stops regarding next-level design. We have heavily invested in the aesthetics, while also ramping up the practical features drivers depend on to enhance their driving experience.

Lighting has taken front and center. The Matrix-design LED headlights feature 32 lights to brighten the path in front of the driver without hampering the visibility of oncoming traffic. In fact, the high beam assist feature can detect adjust the brightness in real time. On the other end, LED tail lights use dynamic turn indicators to switch from an inward position outward making visibility in obscurity possible.

Audi Las Vegas thinks that seeing is believing. So, come in a take a look at the Audi lineup and see just how beautiful these vehicles truly are. This, couple with driver-assist technology, makes the A5 a great choice for most personal driving needs. Come and take it for a test drive. You just may decide to take one home.


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