USAA Select Program

Audi of America is pleased to announce the USAA Member Select Program!
This program is extended to registered members of USAA.

 Model Year
 Eligible Models
  2019   A3 Cabriolet
  2019   A3 Sedan
  2019   A4 Sedan
  2019   A5 Coupe / Cabriolet
  2019   A5 Sportback
  2019   A6
  2019   A7
  2019   A8
  2019 | 2020  Q3
  2019   Q5
  2019   Q7
  2019   Q8
  2019  TT  $500
  2019  e-tron  $2500
 2019 RS 3/RS 5 Coupe/RS 5 Sportback/TT RS  $5000

Must be new, untitled and unreported vehicles.
Offer excludes RS variants of the above carlines.
S models are included.

*Audi of America Bulletin #A19UUSAA. Expires January 2, 2020. Eligible customers must present their unique offer showing the dealer their personalized 8 digit alpha numeric code to be eligible for this program. Dealer must submit the unique customer offer, vehicle sales agreement or buyer's order and a copy of the primary purchaser's driver's license or USAA member card to receive reimbursement. This offer is valid only to whom the unique offer is addressed. Family members or members of the same household are not eligible. Vehicles sold in the name of a business will be verified against the primary purchaser's driver's license to ensure eligibility. Only one offer per VIN will be accepted and the combination of multiple USAA offers is prohibited. This program is not compatible with Audi Credit, AFS Special Rates, other Corporate Sales Programs, Dealer Small Fleet Incentive (DSFI), Courtesy Vehicle Program (CV) or VIP Program.